Mediterranean Gold

“I wrote my first book because I wanted to read it”

I always thought about this Tomi Morrison’s quote. I thought I understood it, but now I really know what it means. I have been writing since I was eleven years old, mostly poetry. But I always had in mind a dream to write fiction, to tell stories. When this one came to me, I kept it hidden inside and it stayed incomplete for years, spinning around in my brain. In the pandemic, it started to pour out of me like rain. And in two months it was complete.

And now I understand Toni’s quote. It’s hard to let our words out in the world, letting them go to fly with the wind. But this story asked to leave, so I let it.

I hope this story gets to you. I invite you to read my book “Mediterranean Gold”, e-book available on Amazon Kindle. 


“So now you know. It happens that the world is so much bigger than you thought; I want to remind you, because you like to forget about this detail: the human race is just one living in the same space as so many others. And with a great part of the oceans undiscovered by you (not to say everything), I guarantee you that, underwater, I have some knowledge advantage. My species exists and it is real. I am real. Rethink your concept of impossible.” 

During a storm, a mermaid is accidentally taken by the sea to the shores of a beach where James, a marine biologist is conducting his research about an endangered coral species. Instantly captivated by her, he starts to teach her about humanity using books. When James falls in love, the real extension of relationships understood as human is put to test. In a self discovery journey, is there space for love in the life of a creature that always lived instinctively and only depends on herself?